LED lighting for your company
with no capital outlay

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  • Zero upfront costs

    Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme offers you an opportunity to lower your energy cost and reduce your carbon footprint with no capital outlay. This revolutionary approach to lighting will provide both immediate and long term savings with no upfront capital expenditure.

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  • Immediate Savings

    EDs use a fraction of the energy used by conventional systems such as fluorescents or incandescent lamps.  With the adoption of the Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme, your running costs and maintenance costs are reduced immediately which will save you money now and for the future.

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  • Lower carbon footprint

    With the Department of Energy and Climate Change introducing a mandatory CO2 Reduction Scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in public and private sector organisations the financial as well as the social need to reduce our CO2 is more important than ever.

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