Calculate Your Savings

  • How we quantify the cost savings

    Simply, this can be shown by the amount of energy your existing lighting scheme uses compared to the energy consumption from the replacement LEDs.

    We conduct a full Lighting Survey to ascertain the type of lamps you have, the patterns the lights are turned on and off and the frequency they are switched on.

    Any lamps which can be replaced by LEDs are highlighted. The difference between the energy consumption compared with the existing lamps and the proposed new LEDs are shown.

    From this information, a detailed report is delivered which will quantify:

    • The exact energy savings
    • The exact carbon savings
    • The cost of the maintenance package (paid out of the savings)
  • Plus impressive carbon savings

    • An example fluorescent lighting scheme, could produce 41,573.75kg of carbon per annum. Equating this to the C02 produced from transport miles, this would equal:

      • Driving a car 126,762 mile
      • Flying in an aeroplane for 228,128. The equivalent of a return flight, London to Sydney 10 times
      • Using a bus for 244,628 miles

      The distance to the moon is 238,875 miles. 

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How much can my business save?