The Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme

Supplied FREE to qualifying businesses offering
an impressive trio of benefits

 This exciting new scheme can help reduce energy costs,
carbon emissions and maintenance expenditure:

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    Cost Savings

    Installation is FREE as the scheme is paid for out of savings rather than capital expenditure. Lamps which will need to be replaced on average 3 times within a 5 year period, are provided free as part of your contract.

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    Reduced COEmissions

    Reduced CO2 emissions will assist in your CRC EES commitments and help towards a reduction of your Carbon footprint. Also fluorescents contain harmful materials such as mercury, which cause land and water pollution.

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    Maintenance Service

    New LED retro fitted lights to all applicable lamps – Free of charge. A 5 year guarantee that will replace any lamp that fails through mechanical means – Free of charge. All included within our 5 year maintenance contract


It’s time to take control of spiralling electricity costs

  • The Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme will guarantee a reduction in your electricity consumption. This is a unique scheme which provides a multi-faceted, beneficial approach to your organisation’s energy requirements. Since the early 1990s, the UK’s electricity industry has evolved from a government controlled monopoly to a fully competitive market, giving customers the freedom to choose their energy supplier. We are all aware that the cost of electricity is rising far in excess of inflation and shows no sign of slowing down. With the drastic spending cuts applied by government, all public bodies must now make cost savings. Consequently this can have a detrimental effect on the services they offer.
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