Scheme benefits

The Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme


Zero up front costs

With our innovative structure, CTS do not require any capital cost to implement the scheme. In exchange for a fixed price maintenance contract, CTS will undertake to replace all applicable lamps with new LED replacements and any LEDs that fail within the 5 year period FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Immediate savings

    LED lamps use a fraction of the energy used by traditional florescent tubes and incandescent bulbs and can reduce the electrical energy costs for lighting by up to 75%.

    In addition LED lamps are far more efficient than traditional lighting, for example, incandescent lamps convert 85% of electricity used into heat. LEDs generate very little heat and therefore reducing the burden on air conditioning.

    The true price in lighting is what it costs to maintain, i.e. access equipment, time taken to replace faulty lamps and the electricity used to power the lights. With LEDs having as much as 20 times the life expectancy, these issues can virtually be eliminated by implementing Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme.

    Once the Low Energy Directive lighting scheme has been implemented the savings start immediately.

    40% of all electricity consumption is used towards lighting homes, offices, factories etc. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and can reduce the power consumption by up to 75% compared to conventional lighting arrangements. With the LED scheme, replacing your existing lighting arrangement with energy efficient LEDs, we can guarantee that you will start saving on your electricity bill immediately.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

    We all know that using less energy and lowering carbon emissions has a positive effect on the planet but there are increasingly tangible financial incentives to do so with the Department of Energy and Climate Change introducing a mandatory CO2 Reduction Scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in public and private sector organisations.

    This is effectively introducing a “carbon tax” on organisations that do not reduce their carbon footprint in line with government requirement. The Low Energy Directive Lighting Scheme can reduce your carbon footprint by a substantial amount, in some cases this has been as high as a 65% reduction on their carbon footprint.

    In today’s society the push for reducing our carbon footprint has a social and economic impact which will affect us all. Conventional lighting, fluorescent and incandescent lamps have a serious environmental impact. Some facts:

    • The mercury from ONE fluorescent tube is enough to pollute 6,000 gallons of water above safe drinking levels. Just think how many fluorescent tubes are located in your building
    • 70% of all lamps are sent to landfill. As LEDs can last more than  between 5 to 20 times the average life span of a conventional lamp, this represents a huge reduction in landfill requirements
    • 40% of all electricity consumption is used towards lighting, as LEDs can reduce the power consumption by up to 75% compared to conventional lighting, this represents a massive saving in carbon emissions
    • In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 80 million lamps are being disposed of each year.