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  • Aren't LEDs Expensive?

    • Yes. The main challenge with LED lighting is that it costs more upfront than conventional lighting.However the L.E.D. Lighting Scheme negates this problem, as there is no capital expenditure.

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    What does the 5 year guarantee cover?

    Any lamp that fails for any mechanical reason will be replaced free of charge within the 5 year maintenance contract.

    How efficient are LEDs?

    LED Lighting can save up to 85% of the electricity used by incandescent lamps and up to 50% of electricity used by fluorescents.

    Will LEDs reduce my carbon footprint?

    Yes. Less energy needed to facilitate the use of lights means a decrease in the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. Using LED lights will contribute greatly in reducing your carbon footprint.

    Are LEDs environmentally friendly?

    Yes. LEDs do not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Compact Fluorescent lights contain mercury which is highly toxic. Both incandescent and CFL lights emit a small amount of UV radiation whereas LEDs emit none.

    Do LEDs produce a lot of heat?

    No. They are extremely energy efficient and convert most of the electricity into visible light unlike incandescent lamps which convert 85% of electricity into heat.

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